2001 Reunion Photos
Can you name these classmates?

Barbara Grassey and Rich Heller

Andy Berman and Scott Epstein

Brian Fitzgerald with Holly Brown Catania, Lisa Nathanson Marder and Gail Kosloff

Jim Jones, Patrick Morris with his wife Audrey, and Carlos McKanobb

Peggy Cormier Daly

Ronna Alintuck Richey and Tony Smith

Sandy Sticka Packard and Cindy Henderson Beard

Cami Bruni Carter and Richard Shrier

Richard Philben and David Bruns

Barbara Foster Brandolini, Brenda Hogan DePersis and Leslie O'Brien Buffo

Fred Grossman and Jim Jones

Sandy Sticka Packard and Dave Thomas

Lois Malkin Bartels, Sue Cheever with her husband Tom, and Martha Lanzafame Morris

Holly Brown Catania, Hal Marcus, Lisa Nathanson Marder, Lynne Driscoll Assad, and Michelle Molan

Kelly Higgins White and Scott Epstein

Fred Grossman enroute to the reunion with Teri Nickinello

Missy Fleming White with her husband David?? and Lois Malkin Bartels

Peg Cormier's faded graduation gown

Merle Jacobs and Brad Richards

Mark D'Antonio and Merle Jacobs

??? and Paul Leon, Tom Kass, Paul Chaet and Carolynn Kass Rogers

Paul Chaet and Sue Oren

Sara and Peter Goodman

Clayton Fox with his girlfriend, Barbara Foster Brandolini, Brenda Hogan DePersis, Tom Oleary, and Mark Hayes. Michael O'Sullivan is hidden to the right

Victor Lee and his wife Stephanie

Barry Mullin and Linda Drew

Michael O'Sullivan and Mark Hayes

Linda Drew, Rob O'Reilly, Warren Custodio, Ned Surman, Dan SanClemente, Henry Klehm, Steve Cardelliccio and others milling around the lobby at 1:30 am